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This week's poser: Not Another Night in NATO!

A musical conundrum from the Cold War. Something to set you on the long road to political rehabilitation...

In addition to Mayday in Moscow, the dear old Fire Hydrant Men wrote another couple of Cold War-esque songs. I met my Baby at the Party Congress is a touching tale of ideologically sound romance and appears on their mini LP Missed It by that Much! More difficult to find is the souped-up Oh No- Not Another Night In NATO! which features on the VA compilation LP (vinyl only, sadly) Obscure Independent Classics, Volume 1.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it (a mere formula- I’m afraid you have little choice in the matter) is to upload ‘Oh No’ onto YouTube so we can all sample its delights. Succeed, and I’ll see youre awarded the Order of Lenin. Fail, and I’m afraid it’s a one-way ticket to the uranium mines...

I Married a Communist!

A balanced, well-reasoned and not at all alarmist

view of left-wing politics in Cold War America.

Update (November 2016)

I just happened to be perusing YouTube the other evening and was delighted to find ‘Oh No’ in all its politically correct glory. And to think those commies claim there is no God...

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