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Unknown Pleasures

A glimpse at what people get up to in the privacy of their own timeline...

Rational (2004) by Yoan Capote

via Alice Dee‏ @Traumlabor

Gorgeous tee-shirt artwork by über-cool designer

          Kelly Shaw @kellyshawlondon

Fleas and lice biting,

awake all night,

a horse pissing close to my ear...


17th-century Buddhist monk and poet Matsuo Bashō

via Guy ‏@thegentleeye

Abstract by Louis Hawkins via @BathArtists

Unfortunately my first date with Brindille didn't go quite as well as I'd hoped...

Perspective Matters

via @tumbIerposts

Ian Curtis photographed by Rob Verhost. via @PunKandStuff

A Medieval Urine Wheel

via Lindsey Fitzharris ‏@DrLindseyFitz


Edmund Dulac   Let it flow

via Anne Mortier‏ @AnneMortier1


Nantes, Festival Scopitone via @Brindille_

Rain by Lower Heaven

via Blake Excess @sk8awaythatsall

Eikoh Hosoe Embrace 1970

via Iva‏ @iva1975iva


via JOSEDELAMANO GALERIA‏ @josedelamano

“I am in a gamesome mood tonight, sir — and I would play with the Devil himself were he a guest in my house, so long as he had property enough to interest me!”


“The Devil’s Hand” - a Satanic tale of horror and libertine depravity

by Colin Harker‏ @kittyharker


If you're interested in visionary architecture, track down everything by Brodsky & Utkin...

via Imaginary Cities‏ @Oniropolis

David Hettinger, The Wedding Planner. 

via Rose Renée Fine Art  @RoseReneeArt

Detail from a 17th century manual on swordsmanship

via The Public Domain Review @PublicDomainRev 

Pablo Picasso by Robert Capa (1951)

via  Fotografía Vintage‏ @vintagefoto



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