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The ‘about me’ page that’s all about you.




I know it’s traditional for bloggers to do an about me page giving a bit of background about









themselves, but I’ve decided not to. It’s not that I’m shy, or modest, or even that dull, it’s just that I think what my favourite colour is or what I have for breakfast isn’t particularly relevant here. I figure  

if you’re reading this it’s because you want to find out more about the blog to see if its the



sort of thing you might like. Well, let’s put it like this: if you’re the kind of person who’s routinely bored with the mediocrity that passes for mainstream culture these days; the kind of person who’s always on the look-out for something different, something new, something to fire your imagination and get you thinking; the kind of person who finds that other people never seem to get the cool stuff you’re into then you just might have come to the right place. I say only ‘might,’ because it’s rare for the tastes and interests of one individual to exactly match those of another. And yet Almost There covers such a wide range of subjects (most of which are off-beat, obscure, or just plain weird) I think there’s a good chance you’ll come across something that takes your fancy. I certainly hope so, because although this blog was always intended to appeal to the few rather than the many, if I find it appeals to no-one, it won’t last long. No readers, no blog– it’s that simple. So you see, it really is all





about you. Anyway, you’ve got this far, so you may as well give the thing a try. Who knows,

you might be pleasantly surprised. You might also find there are more people like you out there than




you ever imagined.

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