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Leave me alone

Sixties garage gems from my imaginary collection.

No. 2   The Humans, ‘Warning’.

The Humans in 1966

For the second selection in this series I have opted for one of the first garage tracks I ever heard. It still remains, despite all the great stuff I've heard since, one of my all-time favourites.

The Humans were a six-piece from Albion, a small town in upstate New York. ‘Warning’, which was to be their sole single, was released on the Audition label in 1966. I have only recently learned that it was actually the B-side. The A-side, ‘Take a Taxi’ is a melodic folk-rock ballad that sounds to me like it was recorded by a completely different band! ‘Warning’ on the other hand is a classic sixties punk stomper with snarling lyrics, cool organ and a great harmonica break. The band split in November 1966.

‘Warning’ can be found on the compilation CD Back from the Grave Part 2. For more information on the band, please refer to the ever-reliable Garage Hangover.

Click on the Dansette to listen


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