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Leave me alone

Sixties garage gems from my imaginary collection.

No. 4   The Jades, ‘I Cried’.

There were loads of sixties garage bands called the Jades. The Jades we’re interested in came from Muncie, Indiana, a small town located about 60 miles north-east of Indianapolis. They lined up as follows:

Gary Royer - lead guitar;

John Terhune - bass;

Greg Hood - keyboards;

David Smith - drums.


I’m not sure which member of the band was the lead vocalist.


I Cried, released on the Kentucky label, Holiday, came out in December 1965. It’s a great garage number and a classic slice of teenage angst, summed up in the chorus:

I was a fool to cry over you

(But you know that I did)

One thing I find a little unusual about the song is that although it was penned by Greg Hood, I can barely hear any keyboards on the track. Ideas anyone? The band released a second single, Come Back in 1967, which does feature keyboards more prominently. You can find it (along with more information about the band) at Garage Hangover.

Click on the Dansette to

listen to I Cried

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