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This week's poser: L'Anarchie au Royaume Uni?

A musical conundrum this week. The question is: can you handle it?

My first two posers were all about time, four dimensional space and other such weighty matters. My latest couldn’t be more different (yes, you can come out of hiding now, Gustavo!). This week’s conundrum is all about popular (or more accurately obscure) music.


Many, many moons ago John Peel once played a cover of the Sex Pistols’ Anarchy in the UK. What was unusual about it was the version was in French and had a female vocalist. I've never heard it again and never found out who the group was.


On Twitter I have plenty of French followers and plenty of alternative music lovers. Surely someone out there must be able to tell me who it was?

Not the version I'm looking for...

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