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No. 3:   Doctor Filth, ‘Horse’.

Divinely obscure post-punk and indie tracks you may not know.



It’s a widely accepted fact that ever since the days of punk Manchester has produced more than its fair share of fine bands and no doubt it will continue to do so. Anyone interested in alternative music will have their own personal favourites so I shan’t bother to list mine here. 

One interesting Manchester group that might have slipped under your radar is Doctor Filth, who were active in late seventies and the early eighties. I don’t know much about the band—though I was once lucky enough to see them live—other than they released one single, Horse (1982) on local label Monsters in Orbit records.


I remember Peel liking Horse, which is a surprisingly catchy little number. The flip side Slaughter House is, however, a much darker proposition: the ‘slaughter house’ in question 

Doctor Filth

being a hospital operating theatre. Doctor Filth’s lead singer Don Durham worked for a while as a porter at Withington hospital and it seems some of what he saw there was far from pleasant:

I work in the slaughter house,

Blood drips in my dreams…

Click on the Dansette to

listen to Horse

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