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Solution to Issue Two’s poser: Shadows of the 4th Dimension.

Part One

Many moons ago I published a post about the fourth dimension which posed a number of inter-related questions. I'd more or less given up hope of ever finding an answer to these, when through the medium of Twitter Brian R. Pauw (@drheaddamage) got in touch and very kindly directed me to an extract from a TV programme presented by astro-physicist Carl Sagan:

Sagan's demonstration is easily understandable and provides all the answers I was seeking. And who knows? It might even be the television programme my friends had seen all those years ago...

Part Two

Someone has recently got in touch to tell me they've created an app that helps make sense of the tesseract and so forth:


  “The Fourth Dimension is a 30-page interactive book that explores a single mathematical idea in language anyone

     can understand. ”


I'm about as hi-tech as a transistor radio (yes, I know you're too young to understand the reference @brianjoebrain, but bear with me) so I don't even own a moderately intelligent phone let alone a smart one. Still, it certainly sounds interesting. It's availabe here:


Feedback would be welcome.

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