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Voices of East Anglia

A selection of blogs, websites and individuals that make the

world a more interesting place to be in.

These ‘curators of retro and vintage pop culture’ have created something pretty damn special– one of those random, quirky, delightful sites where you never know what's waiting round the next corner. A Belgian Popcorn documentary perhaps? The Pontins 1972 Holiday Brochure? Or even Ben Hur: The Scooter Years? And who in their right mind could resist The Honor Blackman Book of Self-Defence? Not me, that’s for sure.

Culture, style, design

The Wall Breakers

Two natives of Brooklyn came up with a simple yet brilliant idea: to set up a website where artists, photographers and other creatives could showcase their work and gain inspiration from the work of others. The site also has an archive of fascinating and often stunning photographs and other material from America’s past. 

website:   twitter:  @TheWallBreakers

George Lois

One of the original ‘Mad Men’ (though for God’s sake don’t tell him I said so!) George Lois was a leading figure in the creative revolution that swept American advertising in the late 1950’s. By the mid sixties he was also producing covers for Esquire magazine that are still considered iconic to this day. If you’ve ever seen the image of Andy Warhol drowning in a giant can of Campbell’s tomato soup, that was George. Over the years he’s written a number of books on advertising, design and the creative process in general. They’re well worth tracking down.

Young British Designers

I may not know much about haute couture, but I’ve always admired talent and originality no matter what the discipline. That’s why I like YBD – they give emerging designers the space to express themselves and develop creatively in a very competitive world. If only they could tell me how to avoid being arrested by the Style Police...  

Kelly Shaw

I’m pleased to see there are quite a number of funky new designers coming out of Britain at the moment. Kelly Shaw’s one of my favourites- the elegance of her work speaks for itself, but what I particularly like is the way she seems to draw inspiration from a such wide variety of sources, including the world of graphic design. Lush.

Rich Docherty

There are many good photographers out there but the work of Rich Docherty, focusing on the people and places of New York City, has a humanity (and a sense of humour) I find hard to resist. But don’t take my word for it- tune into his twitter feed or pop over to his website and see for yourself.  

website:  twitter:  @NYCSnapped

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