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Ready Steady Girls!

Courtney Barnett

Where to begin with Australian singer/songwriter (and mean guitarist) Courtney Barnett? Rolling Stone has likened her songs to “tales that unspool like barstool revelations and sound like some hybrid of Kimya Dawson and Kurt Cobain.”  I havent a clue what that means but it sounds good. So does her music.

website:   twitter:  @courtneymelba   

Billed as a ‘celebration of Europes fabbest female singers of the sixties, Ready Steady Girls really is a joyful place, bursting with photos, background information, discographies and sample music clips. If you cant find anything you like here, youre just not trying.


The Allah Las

LA band the Allah Las dont sound like anyone else I know. Sure, theres a groovy sixties influence in there somewhere, but where exactly is difficult to define. Still, definitions dont really matter. Music matters.

Requiem pour un Twister

How I miss those bright sunny days when you could hang out at your local indie record shop, meet cool people and catch the latest sounds... Still, Requiem pour un Twister is the next best thing  a light and breezy space that is part blog, part forum, part record label (the wonderfully named Croque Macadam Records). And any label that puts out ‘Hurt My Pride by the Young Sinclairs will always be getting my vote.

Paul Messis

Ive always admired people who have the courage to plough a lone furrow. Paul Messis writes his own brand of 66 garage/psych and then puts it out on vinyl, just as the good Lord intended. And only vinyl: none of your new-fangled CDs thank you. (I dont think Pauls too keen on downloads, either). He may be committing commercial suicide, but at least hes doing it in style. 

website:    twitter: @AllahLas   

website:    twitter: @AlexCroqMac     

pic: Nolan Hall

When it comes to sixties garage punk, Garage Hangover is the most definitive guide Im aware of. It is thorough, well-researched and regularly updated. Clearly a labour of love if ever there were one.

Garage Hangover

Its hard not to like The Castellers. For a start they have a modern take on the garage sound I find really refreshing. And whats more, theyre a great act live (Ive seen them eight times so far and counting). True, most of  em look like Bradley Wiggins, but thats not such a bad thing.

The Castellers

Disques Entreprise

There are quite a few exciting ‘alternative bands coming out of France at the moment. Such bands wouldnt be able to thrive without good independent labels to support them, which is why outfits like Disques Entreprise are so important.  The label is home to a number of groups, each with a very different style: youve got everything from bonkers pop punkers Superets to the sublimely strange Moodoïd; not to mention my own personal favourites- indie-pop darlings Juniore. I had considered paying Disques Entreprise a visit the next time Im in Paris, but theyve already made it plain that they dont like squares.

YouTube:    twitter:  @labelentreprise   


Paul Orwell

Paul Orwell makes great music and absolutely refuses to sell out. What more is there to say? I suppose I could add that hes also a world authority on Val Doonican, but Id be be joking. Its Roger Whittaker...

YouTube:   Twitter:  @PAULORWELLMUSIC   

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