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This week's poser: Collusion magazine

Another musical conundrum. This one should keep you occupied during those long, dark winter nights...

Although no-one was able to find a solution to my last poser I am really grateful that so many people made a real effort. So much so in fact that I’ve left a little ‘gift’ for everyone involved. This week’s poser is also a kind of musical conundrum but the genre couldn’t be more different…


Many moons ago (alas, I fear many of my posers will begin with this refrain!) Peel played a beautiful piece of Latin American music. The song had a female vocalist with an incredibly powerful voice and as far as I recall she was a Cuban exile singing about how one day she might be able to return to her native land. I can remember neither the name of the singer nor the title of the song. Clearly this is not a great deal to go on, but there is one thing that makes this track identifiable- it was issued free (either as a flexi disc or a cassette) with an independent magazine/fanzine called Collusion. The magazine only existed for a few numbers around 1982-83 and then disappeared.

Does anyone know anything about Collusion magazine and especially the piece of music I’m on about? And if you have the song- is there any chance you can put it on YouTube so we can all hear that wonderful voice?

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