Ride ’em, cowboy!

The soundtrack to a Spaghetti Western that does not exist.

No. 4: Paul Orwell, ‘A Man Called Fangz’ {Instru*mental}

It’s hard not to like Paul Orwell.


He delves into that wondrous musical zone where sixties garage, mod and freak-beat all collide. Then he takes what he finds there and turns it into something all his own: groovadelic music, retro yes, but somehow totally now. And to cap it all he releases his creations on vinyl-only editions in such ridiculously small numbers only the elect few ever get their hands on ’em. In short, he’s a purist. And this refusal to compromise his artistic principles at the risk of harming his commercial success is something we should all admire.

Given Paul’s laudable fascination for all things sixties I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised to discover he’s recently turned his attention to the music of Spaghetti Westerns. His instrumental, A Man Called Fangz is a classic example of the genre, full of the sound of galloping horses, echoing gunfire and those drifting, melancholic refrains that take you straight back to Morricone circa ’66. Ah, yes! I can almost smell those prairie campfires from here…

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A Man Called Fangz

Paul "El Gringo" Orwell