Unknown Pleasures

A heart-warming selection of the photography, art, design and other cool

stuff thats been tripping across my twitter timeline this month...

Federica Erra

Anna Silivonchik, 69  (2012)

via Léa (@Lopezkla75)

Art Wolfe

Human Canvas - Pigment Study 61

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Women Friends (1916-17)

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Dancing on LSD in Los Angeles, 1966.  Photograph: Lawrence Schiller

via The Guardian (@guardian)


Jo In Hyuk

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Galen Cheney,  So Far

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November 1920

Ilya Mashkov, Still life (1910)

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Cornelis Galle the Elder

Judith Beheading Holopherme (1610-1620)

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Otto Freundlich, Composition (1939)

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Lee Miller (1930)

Photograph: Man Ray

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Enki Bilal

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Takahiko Hayashi

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Montgomery Clift

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Henri Lebasque

Le Pradet, Woman and Children by a Pool (1923)

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Andy Gilmore

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In my mind

Anne Valen Næss


Emile Fabry, Harmonies (1912)

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Dream of the Evening

Al Lofsness 

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Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, The samovar (1926)

via Russian Art ‏(@ruspaints)

A determined and confident woman

Susan Wicker (@WickerSusan)

Open seating... NYC

Rich Docherty (@NYCSnapped)