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Unknown Pleasures

Some of the photography, art, design and other cool stuff thats been tripping across my twitter timeline lately...

Evelyn De Morgan, Night and Sleep  (1878)

via @womensart1

Samuel John Peploe

Pink Azalea and Oranges (1913)

via ‏ @Brindille_

Juan Gris

Homage to Pablo Picasso

via @DaveTheDange

Bernard Meninsky

Hampstead House, rear view (1925)

via @inmodelpino 

Joan Fullerton, Angel of Winter

via ‏ @_catgee

Duncan Shanks

Still Life with White Dove

 via @twistopherrobin

Nicholas Roerich, Ancient Novgorod  (1936)

via @artistschiele

Béatrice Dalle by Kate Barry

via @csermet2

Nicholas Hely Hutchinson

By the Bay Window

via ‏@art__haus

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