MARCH  2015

Unknown Pleasures

Spring is just around the corner. Enjoy...

ARREST 3 (1965)

Bridget Riley

Above the Clouds III

Georgia O' Keefe

via @avadesordre

DD 11-2

by Vincent Falsetta 

 via Gregory Simon @5thavenueartist 

Magnetic Brain

via @PulpLibrarian


Abstract by Zao Wou-Ki 

via Marianne Lörnbo ‏@lrnbo


Lost in Translation

by patyczak

via Paul Quibell-Smith @QuibellPaul

Piet Mondrian   Esk Tree

via @Brindille_

Jean Dubuffet  Jazz Band (1944)

via ROY @pdsigner

La nuit grandit les ombres

 Griffe les ailes des colombes

  Projette ses terreurs sombres...

by @guilondine 


by Jim Zwadlo

via @BleusBlues

La métaphysique est une passion.

via Vincent Fayolle @vincefayolle

The Thinker (1930) by Hiromu Kira (Courtesy of the Dennis Reed Collection) via @Oshianna2U

Henri Matisse  La Terrasse, Saint-Tropez

via Andrea Rossi ‏@AndreaNiloc

Félix Vallotton - Neva, Light Fog (1913)

via @DaveTheDange

Thomas Wright

Original Theory of the Universe

via @LinaresFreire

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