MAY  2016

Unknown Pleasures

Another spring selection of the photography, art, design and other cool

stuff thats been tripping across my twitter timeline...

Sacredness of Everyday

Joanne Webb (@artjoannewebb)

Ferdnand Hodler, The Night  (1889- 90)

via @aleph54


Rafael Araujo

Galen Cheney, Tumbling Mollusk

Toshiyuki Enoki, Winter

via @inkandstars

Dee Nickerson ‏(@dEEN1cKers0n)

Illustration from Dara by Keshar Whitelock

Giovanni Giacometti, Monte Forno (1921)

via @Brindille_

Armando Lara, Primer vuelo (1992)

via Reto ‏(@RetoSava)

Kitty Jujube

Daphne's New Hat

Jan Mankes, Row of Trees (1915)

via Paolo ‏@Paolo1264

Paulene Stone

 David Bailey

via @DaveTheDange


Steven Womack

via @LinaresFreire

Penélope Cruz

Mario Testino

via @Brindille_

Paul Sérusier, The Flock in the Black Forest  (1903)

via @TeresaVeiga1

Nerso Chopurian

 The Curve Spectacle  (2014)

via @art365gallery

John William Waterhouse, Boreas  (1903)

via @fantasyArte

Insoluble Winds (2014)

Hayashi Takahiko

Félix Vallotton, Une rue à Cagnes (1922)

via @Brindille_

Alex Schomburg

Secret of the Martian Moons

via @AlmostT_Blog

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