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APRIL  2017

Unknown Pleasures

Some of the photography, art, design and other cool stuff thats been tripping across my twitter timeline lately...

Jim Denevan

via @loretobgude 

Ohara Koson

Two White Geese Swimming by Reeds

via @Brindille_

Shapes of things to come ( 2017) 

Olaf Unger

(@RegnuFalo )

Owen Gent, Leapt

via @Brindille_

Street Art

via @alecoscino

Oswaldo Guayasamin

via @Brindille_

Rachel Denti, Waste of Time

via @Brindille_

Sunday Sun

Mandy Steward


Arthur Rackham, Alice

via @LostDrawings

Will you still love me

Angela‏ (@AngelaKJones)

Rafael Cruz, Youthquake

via @Brindille_

Stills the wind

Kerry Harding


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