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Unknown Pleasures

Novembers slice of art, photography, design and style that Ive

been seeing along my timeline...

Les écritures by Marie Hamel

via @PrismeNantes

Mélanie Laurent

via coquetterie @831aout


via Arthur @KryptorKid

Romy Schneider...

via Edie ‏@Jopolkadot

“That awkward moment when you realise you’re sharing an otherwise empty bus with the weeping ghost of Nikolai Gogol.”

via Imaginary Cities @Oniripolis

Portrait by Richard Burlet

via @Brindille_

Abstract by Zao Wou-Ki

via David @DaveTheDange

'Dark Americano'  by Oscar Murillo

via Mud Island Gallery‏ @MudIslandArt

Dorian Leigh by Milton Greene (1950)

via Iva ‏@iva1975iva

Abstract Fragment by Carla Sá Fernandes

via @artfinderlatest

Married By Satan

Poster for Russian silent horror film (1917)

via Penny Dreadful @pennyddreadful

Léa Seydoux by Eliot Lee Hazel

via InarticulateSpire @ElaborateMemory

Painting by John Caple

via Fabiola‏ @emilnolde1

Arnold Schoenberg by Matthieu Bourel

via @MauroPallido

Pablo Picasso

The Roofs of Barcelona

via #SapereCondiviso @StefanoRocca59

Jack Tworkov, The Bridge (1951)

via It'sNotUnusual  @itsnotunusual2

Egon Schiele, Setting Sun (1913)

 via ‏@Personal_Garden

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