Unknown Pleasures

Some of the photography, art, design and other cool stuff thats been tripping across my twitter timeline lately...

Henri Le Sidaner, The Village in Autumn  (circa 1915)

via @BlackstarCorne1

Nicolas Roerich, Kangchenjunga  (1936)

via @artistroerich

Masoud Mirzaei

via @Brindille_

Fan Ho

via @Brindille_

 René Magritte

Elective Affinities (1933)

via @artistmagritte

Charles Blackman

 Girl with hands

via @themontmarte

Sakai Komako

via @gayle_dallas

N. C. Wyeth, Herons in the summer  (1941)

via @cirosatabolarc

An den Schlafan

Andy Amholst


Georgia O’ Keeffe, Black Iris  (1926)

via @artistokeeffe

Ezra Stoller

CBS Columbia Long Island City, NY, 1954

via @Marialovessea


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