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This week's poser: Ne cherche pas.

For once a pretty straightforward poser. Provided you speak French, that is....

Since I have a fair number of francophone followeurs on Twitter, this poser promises to be the easiest in the long and glorious history of Almost There. All I want is a transcription (not a translation) of the lyrics to Zou Zou’s 1966 yéyé classic Ne cherche pas. I already understand quite a bit, but not everything. Anyway, here’s the song:


If someone can see their way to sending me the lyrics I’d be eternally grateful. You can get in touch by email:


Incidentally, if you have a penchant for sixties female singers, why not check out the website Ready steady girls? It’s an absolute goldmine of groove! Oh, and while we’re in a poser-solving mood, don’t forget that the answers to the posers from Issue Three, Issue Four and Issue Five have yet to be found…

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